Class Options:

The projects listed below are what is currently available. 

Fill out the message prompt at the bottom of the page with:

-Name/group size

-Date in mind

-Class choice/inspiration 

*Deposit required for parties over 4 people.

Metallic Stencils

Create moody backgrounds using acrylic paint and marbling spray paint.

We will use metallic paint markers and various stencils to create unique and edgy pieces.

(*Stencil theme can be changed upon request*)

Paint N' Stitch

We will start by painting basic contrast shapes with acrylic paint.

Next we will sew a stenciled image into the canvas to create the design!

(*Theme can be changed upon request*)

String N' Nails

We will be using hand-stained boards and hammering nails in the chosen stencil shape.

Next we will be winding string throughout the design to fill in the shape!

Customizable by color.

(*Stencil theme can be changed upon request*)

Build a Beanie Hat

We will be using the vinyl cutter to customize patches to say your own phrase.

We then will heat press and glue the patches down to make your own permanent creation! 

Customizable by color.

Desert Cactus

Layer by layer we will create a desert scape with acrylic paint!

Freestyle additions are always a fun surprise for the reveal at the end!

(*Theme can be changed upon request*)

One 11x14 Canvas per person
Spackle Letters

First we customize a phrase to adhere to your canvas.

Then we will use various techniques to create texture for a chic end result.